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Vigor 2700 ออก Firmware Version ใหม่ (


Good Day,

Please kindly be noted that we have released new firmware Version of Vigor2700 series. You could download the formal released firmware from following URL: https://www.draytek.com/support/download/Vigor2700.php.

Please refer the new functions and improvements & corrected problems.

[New Functions]
- User defined types are up to 8 that removes the last 4 predefined types on Bandwidth Management >> Quality of Service, \"Service Type\"

[Improvements & Corrected Problems]
- Correct that change country code as Taiwan and Dial Tone has noise
- Correct that DHCP can\'t get IP when strict bind
- Improve that QoS Inbound enable will drop the RX throughput
- Improve VPN pass through issue when use Nortel VPN client

Some issues have been fixed and detail improvements are listed on the release note. If you have further questions, please contact support@draytek.com.


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