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New ACS Software from DrayTek

Good Day,

Please kindly be noted that we have released new software Version of VigorACS. You could download the software from ftp://ftp.draytek.com with username \"vigoracs\" and password \"vigoracs123\".

Please refer the New and Fix.

1. Add LAN/WAN status in Topology View and Table View.
2. Add LAN/WAN ThroughPut monitor in Topology View and Table View. 3. Add search by address in Topology View. 4. Add simple PPTP connection VPN Setting. 5. Add Topology View in Home. 6. Topology Setting add Topology setting. 7. Admin Setting add Topology setting. 8. Admin Settig add VPN connection / disconnection on IPSec. 9. Add Google Map feature.

1. WAN/LAN/VPN/VoIP fix \"show No connection first and then show data\". 2. VoIP show status. 3. WAN show throughput graph. 4. Admin page can create/update Network in Chinese. 5. China address can be found in China map. 6. Fix Throughput refresh in IE. 7. PPTP support in VPN Setting. 8. Fix Chinese/Chinese Simpify can not be showed successfuly after save in Admin Page. 9. Fix file can not be uploaded. 10. Remove duplicate jar file. 11. Fix Firefox click CPE does not show correctly. 12. China map google map support. 13. The Graph fuction in Topology View shown in IE can auto refresh. 14. Topology View fix different user\'s privilege. 15. Admin page change to another style. 16. Database add maptype in table network to store each network\'s map type. 17. The map using ditu ( China map ). 18. Fileservlet set buffer size smaller, such that using ssl can download successfully.

Some issues have been fixed and detail improvements are listed on the release note. If you have further questions, please contact info@corecasys.com

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