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Vigor 2910 ออก FW ใหม่แล้ว ปรับปรุง P2P Block ให้ดีขึ้น


Good Day,

Please kindly be noted that we have released new firmware Version 3.1.3 of Vigor2910 series. You could download the formal released firmware from following URL: https://www.draytek.com/support/download/Vigor2910.php.

Please refer the new functions and improvements & corrected problems.

[New Functions]

- Show NetBIOS Name in Data Flow Monitor and ARP Cache Table
- Support Shared Bandwidth Limit for IP group in Bandwidth Limit
- Add Two DNS services in Dynamic DNS
- Add telnet command \"VPN mss\" for VPN MTU settings

[Improvements & Corrected Problems]

- Improve stability for P2P application
- Improve stability for 3.5G connection
- Improve VPN interoperability
- Support new mobile phone for 3.5G connection: Nokia N73, Nokia E65, E-Motech D-50, Sierra 875U, ASUS T500
- Support Cannon MF4600 printer

Some issues have been fixed and detail improvements are listed on the release note. If you have further questions, please contact info@corecasys.com


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