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Good Day,

Please kindly be noted that we have released new firmware Version 2.8.2 of Vigor2800 series. You could download the formal released firmware from following URL: https://www.draytek.com/support/download/Vigor2800.php.

Please refer the new functions and improvements & corrected problems.

[New Functions]

 - Support Trace Route and Ping Diagnosis functions for 3.5G connection.
 - Support Traffic Graph for 3.5G connection.
 - Support Bandwidth Limit function for 2nd subnet usage.
 - Support TFTP ALG.
 - Support TwoDNS in Dynamic DNS function.
 - Support new 3.5G modems: C-Motech D-50, CDU-550, Sierra 875U, ASUS T500 and OVATION MC950D
 - Add telnet command \"Srv nat ipsecpass\" for IPSEC NAT passthrough.

[Improvements & Corrected Problems]

 - Improve ISDN loop through\'s echo problem.
 - Improve the stability for ISDN remote dial in.
 - Fix the problem that PPTP HOST-To-LAN can only set up 16 VPN connections.
 - Fix the problem that VoIP Peer to Peer call by dailing IP address cannot work with 3.5G connection.
 - Fix NAT not working issue when ISDN Backup is enabled.
 - Correct ADSL2+ Annex M online status in WUI.


Some issues have been fixed and detail improvements are listed on the release note. If you have further questions, please contact info@corecasys.com.


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