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เชิญร่วมทดสอบ FW ตัวใหม่ของ Vogor 2950


ทดสอบ Firmware ตัวใหม่ของ Vigor 2950

To strengthen the security of network access, DrayTek corp. develops SSTP VPN-(Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol, a form of VPN tunnel that provides a mechanism to transport PPP traffic through an SSL channel). DrayTek signs the license agreement from Microsoft in developing such advanced technology which will be adopted by the increasing teleworker/laptop users.

DrayTek provides SSTP VPN on Vigor Router 2950 series and we sincerely invite you to join our of evaluation test of Vigor2950 F/W version 3.2.2. Please have a surfing via the following access linkage: https://www.draytek.com/support/download/testing/loginv2950.php. and check the f/w for the following field testing. We sincerely look forward to have your further reply together with the testing results before 11th of Nov..

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