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Spectacular launch DrayTek Vigor2820 IP PBX


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Hsinchu, 11 Nov., 2008

Spectacular launch DrayTek Vigor2820 IP PBX during DrayTek Day 2008

Hilvarenbeek – 31 oktober 2008, Every year DrayTek Corp. Taiwan organizes together with Xpert Data b.v. the DrayTek Day. During this day new products will be introduced for the resellers. In presence of DrayTek Corporation Taiwan the DrayTek Day was held for the fourth time in a row.

The morning was dedicated to an overview of the products that were introduced in 2008, followed by the first session about the new products that will be introduced by DrayTek in the last quarter of this year and in 2009, like the new ADSL2/2+ modem/router series, the Vigor2710 series, the Vigor 120, an ADSL bridging modem and the first access point; the VigorAP 700. DrayTek also announced the introduction of two 24-ports switches, a Gigabit switch and a Power over Ethernet switch.

Climax of the day was the launch of the Vigor2820 IP PBX. The Vigor 2820 IP PBX was presented on a spectacular way to the resellers and they were very enthusiastic about it. Based on a few examples of scenarios resellers got a better picture how to integrate the Vigor2820 IP PBX in the scenarios of their customers.

With functionalities as voicemail to e-mail, IVR to improve telephone availability and Music on Hold, the possibilities of the Vigor2820 IP PBX are rich. The Vigor2820 IP PBX does also have advanced firewall options, VPN server, ADSL2+ modem and a second WAN port.

"With this professional IP PBX DrayTek has developed a product for the whole SOHO market. The extended functionalities of the Vigor2820 IP PBX make it a complete, cost-efficient solution for your network", says Irene Chen of DrayTek Corporation Taiwan.

"We are very satisfied about the DrayTek Day 2008. Just like the last three years the DrayTek Day is a successful event, where we were able to inform a lot of resellers about the new products of DrayTek", says Eric Damink from Xpert Data b.v.

About DrayTek

DrayTek Corp., founded in 1997, is a global provider of comprehensive network security, remote access and VoIP solutions for residential/small office and Small and Medium Enterprises(SME) use. To meet the needs of customers for quality and cost-effectiveness, DrayTek, with technologies integrated with real-time Anti-Virus/Anti-Intrusion system, VPN, VoIP and xDSL broadband access, has successfully delivered total network protection worldwide. For more information, please visit the company's website at https://www.corecasys.com


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