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DrayTek Router และ Switch ทุกรุ่น Support IPV6


At present,only vigor2130 supports IPv6.But please don't very worry about the using in future.Because IPv6 can compatible down with IPv4.

We are still evaluating the possibility of supporting IPv6 on VigorRouters.We do not have a formal published schedule for IPv6 support onthe range or supported models yet, but of course IPv6 is in development and we will make announcements once this is all confirmed. Although we do not anticipate any impact of IPv6 affecting end users soon, we understand that users do wish to prepare for the future so we are working hard to add IPv6 support to more models soon.Thanks a lot.

P2260 is a switch,it works at Data Link Layer,forward packets by MAC Address,not IP Address.So even if your PCs use IPv6 and access to each other via P2260,it can forward packets without any problem.



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