Why Demo
There are many product in computer network kingdom could not done the functional as describe on the label or datasheet. Some devices may performed as datasheet but it works without stabilization. (work unstable) Futuremore there are also many distributors sell to the customers then they can not provide the technical support or consultation. So the customers were waste money by get nothing. As a result, it make many people have a bad attitude with networking device or networking technology. Our company NJ. network understand these problems very well. We are focus on the long-term business. So our policy is  "The balance between customer satisfactory and happiness of seller".  So we provided a trial period of our product or our solution within three weeks in the real environment.
Why demo 3 weeks in the real situation.
The nature of the network equipment necessary to turn on 24x7 (day time and night time). So the temporary test of equipment for a while at the customer site will not reach the customer needs. For example some brands of network equipment show detail in datasheet that it's support 500 VPN Tunnel but when the trial actually in the real situation, it support only 10-11 tunnels. Some brand specify that it can block the specific website, when trial actually with many computer it could not block.  So the suitable period for the product demonstration should be 3 weeks, in the real situations.  It must go along with the adjust settings follows customer requirement. The result will be the best solution for the customer.
Are there any expense with product demostration ?
The product demonstration will not charge. If the equipment or our solution can not reach the customer needs or it could not archieve agreement between customer and NJ Network. For the charge of demo we will charge only trips and the service. Usually about 2,000 to 3,000 baht depending on the size of solution. Absolutely demo charge could be full refund.  So you pay only for the success.  If it fail you don't want to pay any expense even the trips charge and service charge.
Step of product demostration
First step, the customers must know their own requirement. For example which model need, which solution need or which functional need. The customer may not need to know in depth details. The customer may know only the rough boundary or the topic of needs. For example such as below.
- need to access data from outsite ?
- what data you need to access from outside ?
- how many user access from outside ?
* The remainder we will handle for design and planing.
Second step, when the customer know the needs. Next step is our responsible to design, planing and make the final solution. After customers know the details of design and solution we will send you the quotation. Please read it carefully and considered for the acceptable budget. On this step you can negotiate for your best satisfactory including budget and requirement.   If it's over your budget or it could not reach your requirement. Please do not use our product demonstration.   After you accept the price and solution. We may visit your site to survey and plan to install further.
Third step, on the installation date. We will prepare equipment and tool to done the system at your site. We have a standard process which can be installed the system or solution without interrupt employee working on. This step the customer can choose the suitable time to operate the system. After finished install the system then our NJ Network team will monitor closely, services closely and standby closely as customer request in all respects.
Forth step, when complete the trial period. NJ Network will call or send an e-mail to confirm your order. If our device or our solution could not reach your requirement, please don't worry. We can extend the trial period without addition charge. But if the device or solution working properly and you don't want to order. Our team will get back the device or solution at your site. (The training process of equipment and solution will start after customer submit order only)
Such steps as mentioned above. It's clear and obvious process. It's fair and there is no hidden costs. Customers will clear the cost before do the solution.  You pay only for the success.  If the system fail to install, please do not worry. The demo charge could be deny. The demo charge will start only the success solution or success installation, however this expense is only for the trip and service closely within 3 weeks. Definitely we are free on site service in the demo period. The demo charge is necessary for us to screen and protect the new coming good customers. The good customer will not lose the opportunity to get better service from us.
Agreement of pdoduct demo.
Customers are responsible for keeping our equipment in good condition. We are not allow to make the modification with any component of our device. After we success install the solution and leave device or network solution at you site. The customer must submit the contract of demo form. However we are pleased to offer free onsite service during the trial period.
Benefit of product demo.
- You can fix and control the budget.
- You will get the most satisfy solution.
- You have no risk with your new solution.
We have many reference site. Please click here for more detail.